“Beach waves” hairstyle for trendy women over 40

By camping-fermanville.com

Most girls associate styling with some special occasion, such as the New Year or birthday party. In fact, styling is just a part of daily beauty procedures as underlining the eyes with mascara or cheekbones with a blush. Natural styling brings your hair a more favorable look, adds volume and shine to them and, after several pieces of training, will not take much time.

To start with you have to follow the “how to do” tips we prepared for you here.  


How to make Beach waves

  1.     Wash your hair with your favorite products and dry it with a towel.
  2.     Apply the moisturizing product to the ends – it will make the hair denser and more obedient.
  3.     Carefully comb wet hair and spray a small amount of sea salt spray on it, which will add texture to the hair and create the same hair effect as after swimming in the ocean.
  4.     Dry your hair with a hairdryer and comb it.
  5.     Curl the individual strands in a free order with the curling iron. Start from the face to the back of the head from the roots to the ends. The direction of the curling is from the face. The ends of the hair should remain almost straight, as this will avoid the effect of puppet curls. Do not try to wind each strand perfectly smoothly, because the most important thing is an imitation of chaos.
  6.     After all the curls have cooled, thoroughly shake the whole mass of hair with your hands.
  7.   To make it look natural and careless, slightly dry your hair with warm air to loosen the curl.
  8.     Fix the styling with a hair spray.

In order to make beach waves, you do not need a lot of experience and a special love for hairstyles. Just follow the tips mentioned above or read more information on the site. However, if you do not feel confident enough – ask the professional stylist to make it for you.


Why women over 40 choose the beach waves hairstyle?

Sloppy curls look great on many women, this is what makes this hairstyle popular for several seasons in a row. Beauty industry experts say that the curls are suitable for absolutely everyone.

When selecting curls type, it worth to consider the following appearance features:

  • Face shape. Beach waves fit absolutely any face shape;
  •  Facial features. If you have distinguished parts of the face (nose, lips, eyes), so the curls should be made in the direction of the face. Otherwise, they should be made in the opposite direction. Due to this fact, the cheekbones will be slightly open and the face will become more attractive as there;
  • The length of the neck. The long neck allows you to successfully make any curls, while only large curls are suitable for a short neck.
  • Hair length. Sloppy curls look good on any length, but each one requires a special approach to laying.

Remember, that frequent hot styling dries hair. Everyday styling will make them dry and damaged. Make an oil hair mask to prevent them from such consequences. More information about the types of styling as well as advice is available by the link.