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“Beach waves” hairstyle for trendy women over 40

Most girls associate styling with some special occasion, such as the New Year or birthday party. In fact, styling is just a part of daily beauty procedures as underlining the eyes with mascara or cheekbones with a blush. Natural styling brings your hair a more favorable look, adds volume and shine to them and, after several pieces of training, will not take much time. To… Read the rest

Is it necessary to change color for a new hairstyle

In the life of any woman comes a time when she wants to change her style. As a rule, these changes begin with the image, including the haircut and coloring. Is it necessary to change the color of dying if you plan to make a new haircut? How to select a new shade? Let’s start from the basics. First of all, pay attention to the… Read the rest

Bob with front lengthening for women in 40

The “bob” is a real phenomenon in hairdressing. It never goes out of fashion and suits almost every woman over 40. That is why Bob is among the most popular hairstyles every year. If choosing this haircut, do not worry that you will get lost in the crowd. Today, there are a huge number of modifications of Bob, so each woman can choose a unique… Read the rest

Incredible short hairdos for ladies over 40

Despite the age, all ladies strive for looking stunning. Some of them experiment with styles and clothes. Others are not that radical and change haircuts. When you get older, you value time and convenience even more. Dedicating so much time to family and work makes women tired. They choose what is practical. This is one of the reasons why so many of them decide to… Read the rest

5 tips on selecting a new hairdo

No matter your age or face, there are hairdos that suit you and those that do not. In fact, it impossible to find a man or a woman that looks perfect with any cut. This problem refers to both genders. In order to keep the right image, one should carefully select a hairstyle. There is nothing worse than cutting hair and understanding that you do… Read the rest