Is it necessary to change color for a new hairstyle

By camping-fermanville.com

In the life of any woman comes a time when she wants to change her style. As a rule, these changes begin with the image, including the haircut and coloring. Is it necessary to change the color of dying if you plan to make a new haircut? How to select a new shade? Let’s start from the basics.

First of all, pay attention to the natural color of your hair and skin tone. New coloring is a risky step, so we advise you to make it gradually. Start from changing the hair color to 1-2 tones. For example, if your curls are dark blond, give them a golden shade. Brownies can try nut or light brown colors. Highlighting separate strands also significantly update your image.

Do not forget – it is better to do hair dyeing with a professional colorist. 


Hair type coloring

A good way to change an image is to classify your appearance according to one of 4 types.

  1.     “Winter” – dark or black hair, very light skin and mostly brown eyes. The typical example is Christen Steward. If you have a winter-type, try to give the image warmth with dark chestnut or chocolate colors.
  2.     “Spring” – golden, reddish or ashy hair, soft ruddy skin, blue or green eyes. Good example of spring-woman is the British singer Dido Armstrong. You can experiment with colors, but watch out for their naturalness.
  3.     “Summer” – calm straw or light brown hair, soft skin and mostly gray eyes. Pay attention to the appearance of Milla Jovovich. “Summer” women have to be careful with experiments on hair. If you want to give your hair brightness, it is better to tint than to radically repaint.
  4.     “Autumn” – warm, golden, delicate shades of appearance. Eye color – from olive to chocolate. Nicole Kidman is a bright representative of this type. You can use the entire palette of warm, pastel shades. Black, eggplant and platinum colors are not recommended.


Why do women change their style?

Hairdressers have noticed: if a woman decided to change her hair color, then she needs changes in her life in general. The will to change color is based on the subconscious desire to conform to the stereotypes of a particular “type.”

For example, it is believed that blondes are feminine, frivolous, and more “preferred by gentlemen”. The desire to find a man can make a brunette spend a lot of time and money to become a blonde.

Brunettes are stereotypically considered to be more bitchy and self-confident. Those who have lack of these qualities with their natural hair color, subconsciously try to “get” them in brunette.

Redheads are defined bright and mysterious. Who does not want to be mysterious?

It is curious that most of those who radically changed the “color”, after some time, returned to their natural one.



We would like to change clothes, cosmetics haircuts and colors. However, even if you have such an opportunity, the main thing is not to forget about your individuality. In other words: change your style without changing yourself.