5 tips on selecting a new hairdo

By camping-fermanville.com

No matter your age or face, there are hairdos that suit you and those that do not. In fact, it impossible to find a man or a woman that looks perfect with any cut. This problem refers to both genders. In order to keep the right image, one should carefully select a hairstyle. There is nothing worse than cutting hair and understanding that you do not like a new hairstyle. Of course, it will grow but it takes time. The best is to talk to your hairdresser. He will advise you taking into account many factors, including hair color, texture, face shape, etc. If you already have a cut you like, make sure it will suit you. These simple advice might help you avoid disappointment.

Choose what is best for you

  1. Face shape. It is not a secret that the shape of your face is what affects the way certain cut looks. Face types are classified into 6 major types: heart-shaped, diamond, long, oval, round, and square.  People with distinctive facial features, who want to tone them a little, are recommended selecting cuts that will hide strong features. Ladies with diamond shape face are free to experiment with any cut. Women with no strong face shape are also lucky to choose any hairstyle
  2. People with not very distinctive features are free to choose nay cut. However, hairstylists advice choosing those cuts that highlight your best features- beautiful eyes of cheekbones. The best is to create an oval face illusion.
  3. Hair texture also influences your choice. Hairdressers define around 8 different textures. People with curly hair rarely cut it short or wear bob cut. They are recommended to wear it long to weigh down. The same with fringe. Fringe freshen up your regular hairdo but it is not for every texture.  No matter how much you like it, it is not your style if your hair is wavy. Straight hair looks good with many cuts, including bob style or pixie. Damages hair, on the contrary, does not look good. It is better to cut it short and get a good hair treatment.  
  4. Choose a hairdo that suits not only your image but everyday life too. People limited in time in the morning prefer to have haircuts that are simple and quick to do. When you consider how to change your hair, remember that you will need time for complicated layered cuts.
  5. Be in trend. Even if you have distinctive features and not all cuts suit you, choose a trendy one. This is the case where you should ask a hairdresser to recommend a hairstyle right for your lifestyle.

Be open to changes. Changing hairdo might be the first step towards changing many things, including hobbies and habits.