Incredible short hairdos for ladies over 40

By camping-fermanville.com

Despite the age, all ladies strive for looking stunning. Some of them experiment with styles and clothes. Others are not that radical and change haircuts. When you get older, you value time and convenience even more. Dedicating so much time to family and work makes women tired. They choose what is practical. This is one of the reasons why so many of them decide to go short. Ladies choose short cuts and do not regret that. If someone thinks that shot hairs cuts do not look attractive, it is misleading though. There are so many variations of short hairdos that one can hardly imagine. 

Numerous women over 40s choose short length hair because:

  • It is convenient. You do not waste a lot of time in the morning. 
  • It makes face more expressive. Short hair beautifully frames your face. 
  • You can experiment with colors. Adding a couple of colorful strands is stylish.

When considering to get a new hairdo, check some incredible short cuts. You might like one of it. 


Overwhelming pixie cut

This type of cut has become immensely popular even among celebrities. Ladies love it because it makes them look amazing. Some argue that short hairdo will not suit every face and that is partially true.  You can find a pixie cut that suits exactly your face type. 

  • Pixie wedge.  This pixie is a classic type loved by women. The top of the cut and sides are a little longer. It is a good choice to add volume. 
  • Feathered cut with nice highlights. This is a great idea for spring and summer. This type of pixie is also good if you want to get longer hair later. 
  • Shaggy pixie. This cut is cool and extraordinary cut. Hair in front is longer and shorter at the back. The design of this pixie is suitable for growing hair into a bob cut.

Attractive bob cut

Bob cut is another favorite cut of women over 40s. It is a fav cut of Anna Wintour and other famous women. Just like many hairdos, bob cut has various types too. You can choose a shorter cut if you want to go with a short option. Shingle bob. It is very short at the back. But on the sides, hair is made into a point at the level of chick. It is an unusual cut and does not suit every woman. It is better to talk to your hairdresser before cutting hair like this. Inverted bob, which reminds A-line cut, is probably the best option for women over 40s.