Bob with front lengthening for women in 40

By camping-fermanville.com

The “bob” is a real phenomenon in hairdressing. It never goes out of fashion and suits almost every woman over 40. That is why Bob is among the most popular hairstyles every year. If choosing this haircut, do not worry that you will get lost in the crowd. Today, there are a huge number of modifications of Bob, so each woman can choose a unique option for herself.


Long Bob

If you have long hair and you do not want to lose it, then Long bob is the ideal option in order to slightly refresh your hair and at the same time save the overall length. The long bob is quite universal, however, it will look better with a long neck. In addition, it will help to emphasize the beautiful cheekbones and subtle oval of the face. But for women with a narrow face it is better to choose another hairstyle.

Bob on long hair has quite simple styling, especially if the hair is straight. Therefore, for the daily styling, you need only a hairdryer and a little foam. If we are talking about festive hairstyles for a bob haircut, then, in this case, you can use curlers to create beautiful waves.


Bob with front lengthening

In recent times, the most popular has become a bob haircut with elongated front strands. Hair in such a style comes with lengthening to the face, while on the back of the head it only covers the neck. Bob with long strands is easy to lay. Stylish and very beautiful option with elongated front strands at the peak of fashion.

Most often, such a bright haircut is accompanied by a coloring. Natural colors look much more impressive, especially since they are in fashion now. To give the bob haircut a special expressiveness, you should take a closer look at hombre or other graded hair coloring techniques.


How to style a Bob with front lengthening

Many girls complain that a Bob with long tips requires excessive care. What nuances is important to remember before the transformation?

  • This haircut should be laid daily, so you have to buy varnish, mousse and a special brush.
  •  If a girl by nature has thin curls, then you need to give it volume.
  • This style looks bad with split ends, so you have to get rid of them.
  • Grown roots also look bad, so a woman will have to tint her strands all the time.

In the process of care, it is important to ensure that the roots have a volume, and the tips looked well groomed. This hairstyle looks fashionable only if the hair has a healthy appearance. Enjoy your beauty.